Tim Profile II-2Timothy Warren Hogan has resigned as Grand Master of the Ordre Souverain du Temple Initiatique ®, he has additionally been removed as the President of CIRCES International. Please see “Letter from Board of Directors” for more details. Timothy Hogan comes from an extensive background of working in Templarism, Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism, Martinism, and many other esoteric Orders and traditions, and has served in leadership capacities within all of these traditions. He has delivered hundreds of lectures and initiations internationally, and has written several books, dozens of magazine articles, and has appeared on many international television and podcast interviews. He is known for his diplomatic work on behalf of CIRCES/OSTI, regularly meeting with political and religious leaders worldwide, and serving as symbolic advisor in the Entertainment Industry. He regularly lectures on alchemy, qabalah, Hermeticism, Gnosticism, the Holy Grail, sacred geometry, and cross-cultural spiritual traditions. Timothy Hogan was first knighted into spiritual chivalry at the age of eight and has devoted his life to perpetuating the work of the Quest and protecting the Holy Grail. Timothy Hogan studied under Dr. Onslow Wilson and spent time with both Dr. Wilson and Raymond Bernard in France prior to being elected to fulfill the role as Grand Master. He also did the English translation of Raymond Bernard’s book A Secret Meeting In Rome, published by Brazen Serpent Press.