The Ordre Souverain du Temple Initiatique®

Preparation for the Great Work of CIRCES takes place during the first three years of active CIRCES membership. During this period the member is presented with study materials and fraternal assistance designed to facilitate self-enfoldment and the discovery of his or her personal mission within the larger mission of CIRCES. During the first year of membership, Templars observe a traditional Period of Silence. While in this Period of Silence the new CIRCES member may participate fully in General Council Meetings, but during temple meetings must restrict his/her questions to him/herself by recording them and any inner responses s/he may receive in his/her Circian Journal. During this period of Silence, however, the new Templar may discuss openly with his or her Sponsor, who will be a Templar in the OSTI®. During each of the three years of preparation each member receives eleven Cahiers (Handbooks) for a total of 33 over a period of 33 months. These are designed to assist the student in coming to an understanding and recognition of those unconscious factors which impede mastery of the Soul and its attributes. At the end of the third year the member may be invited into the inner Templar Order, known as the Ordre Souverain du Temple Initiatique (OSTI)®, or may remain as a member within CIRCES, depending on their own individual effort.”

The OSTI® is the spiritual heart of CIRCES. It is here that the inner work of the organization is conducted and it is here that the member pledges him or herself to labor ceaselessly in the name of God and to the benefit of humanity, and to commit their life to working as a Templar. Nevertheless, out of respect for individual difference and individual choice, members of CIRCES may either remain in secret labor within the OSTI® or they may go out into the world to serve. Choice notwithstanding, more often than not, members choose to go forth and serve in their local and/or remote community. Traditionally, all members of The Order were Templars although not all Templars were Initiates. Therefore, we fully recognize that there are certain occasions on which the candidate for membership may feel that he or she is not quite ready to undergo the rigors associated with intense inner work of the OSTI®. As a consequence, as is traditional and out of respect for the wishes of such candidates, in applying for membership in CIRCES, each candidate is expected to study and work in the CIRCES curriculum prior to being considered to be made a Chevalier of the OSTI® Templar Lineage. That being said, it should be stressed that all members of CIRCES are considered working Templars, whether or not they have been received into the OSTI®. And since each new member is assigned a sponsor whose responsibility is to assist him or her in finding a viable orientation in his or her new spiritual environment, subsequent questions regarding eventual consideration for the OSTI® can always be accommodated.

The OSTI® is committed to protecting the work of CIRCES International®, along with work done by inner Orders within the OSTI®, including the Martinist Order. Chevalier in the OSTI seek to protect and support the world’s esoteric, spiritual and initiatic traditions, and they work as general ambassadors in promoting peace in the world. They are likewise sworn to protect the mysteries associated with the Holy Grail. CIRCES members must be selected and sponsored by members of the OSTI® in order , and initiation into the OSTI® is not automatic.