Founded by Bro. Raymond Bernard in 1988, Cercle International de Recherches Culturelles et Spirituelles, Inc. (CIRCES International, Inc.®) has been charged to meet the needs of humanity in modern times.  It is about Spiritual Chivalry, “pouring old wine into new bottles,” to create forms of expression that respond to the new consciousness dawning with the Aquarian Age.  CIRCES is an organization of inclusion – not exclusion.  We do not hold to distinctions based on gender, ethnicity, religion or political persuasion.  Recognizing that traditional initiates of various Orders were no longer gaining certain fundamental studies and experiences, CIRCES International, Inc.® was created by the Ordre Souverain du Temple Inititique® Knight Templar tradition to prepare people for the Templar work of fostering inner peace so that they can be agents of peace in the world.  The OSTI is a Knight Templar lineage tracing its roots back to Jacques De Molay.
CIRCES is for those spiritual seekers seriously interested in learning the necessary tools that will allow them to perfect their nature through active study and service, to become co-builders in the creation of a world more united and fraternal.  In turn, this inner individual transformation will lead to greater understanding and harmony between all men and women on the entire planet.  It is hoped that by a rigorous study and practical application of the principles within CIRCES, its members will be prepared to take the next step of spiritual knighthood within the Order of the Temple, and that they will gain tools to be spiritual ambassadors in the world.